High School

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High School Youth Ministry 2019-2020

Youth Group is from 6:30 to 8pm, Confirmation is from 11:30am to 3:30pm

Contact Carolyn Rich at 503-769-2656 or the ICC office

August 25th                Interviews for leadership 11:30 to 1:30pm at ICC at Carolyn’s office

September 7th          Training for leadership at St. Mary’s in Mt. Angel  from 9am to 3pm

September 15th         Mandatory Confirmation parent and teen session (2nd year)  at ICC from 2 to 4pm

September 15th         Meeting for YG leadership team at Carolyn’s office from 6 to 8pm

September 22nd         Jordon Chicken Dinner/Fundraiser

September 29th         Confirmation session

Youth Group Kick off

October 6th                Confirmation session

 Youth Group- Dinner and podcast

October 12th               Paintball event at Camp Dakota

October 13th             Rosary Coast to Coast at Christ the King in Portland

                                    Youth Group- Adoration

October 13th              St. Boniface Chicken dinner/ Steubenville fundraiser

October 20th              Knights of Columbus breakfast for November retreat/ ICC

October 20th             Youth Group- TOB/ Created for Love and naked without shame

October 27th             Youth Group/ TOB/Love defined and truth and freedom

November 1-3           HS Retreat at Fr Bernard Youth Center  

November 3rd            No YG (because of retreat)

November 6-9th         Abound Rummage Sale/ Steubenville fundraiser at ICC

November 10th          ?Open gym at Regis HS for MS and HS- No YG (Veteran’s Day weekend)

November 15-17th    XLT with Archdiocese of Portland (make up option for Confirmation candidates)

November 17th          Youth Group/ Called to Protect

November 22rd-24th Bizarre at St. Mary’s/ Fundraiser for Steubenville

November 24th          Confirmation session

                                    Youth Group- Adoration

December 1st             No YG- (Thanksgiving break)

December 7th             Vocations visit- Carmelites in Mt. Angel

December 10th           Movie night- No YG (HS only)

December 8th             Mass for Consecration to our Blessed Mother- ICC 10AM Mass                      

December 8th             Youth Group- Adoration

December 15th           Confirmation session

                                    YG- Dinner and podcast

December 22nd          Movie night- No YG (Christmas break)

December 29th           No YG (Christmas break)

January 5th                 Trampoline event at Get Air in Salem

                                    No  YG (Christmas break)

January 11th               Pop can drive at Regis HS/Steubenville fundraiser

January 12th               Confirmation session/Rite of Acceptance at each parish

                                    Youth Group- Adoration

January 19th               Vocations visit- Mass at St. Mary’s in Corvallis

                                    No YG (Martin Luther King Jr. Day weekend)

January 24-26th         March for life in San Francisco with Regis HS

January 26th               No YG (because of March for Life)

February 2nd              Youth Group/ TOB Free, total, fruitful, Faithful and language of the body

February 9th               Confirmation session

                                    Youth Mass- St. Mary’s from 6:30 to 7:30pm

February 15th             Vocations visits- Sisters of the Eucharist

February 16th             No YG (President’s Day weekend)

February 17th             Ski trip to Hoodoo

February 22nd            Pop can drive for Steubenville

February 23rd             Youth Group- adoration

March 1st -8th             Sell jewelry at the Masses for Steubenville

March 1st                    Youth Group/ TOB Marriage and Friendship, dating and family

March 7th                   Vocations visit to St. Charbel’s in Portland

March 8th                   Confirmation session

                                    Youth Group- Adoration

March 15th                 Family retreat for Confirmation youth and parents at OLOL 10 to 4pm

                                    Youth Group- Youth/Family Mass at 4pm at OLOL

March 22nd                No YG- (Spring Break)

March 29th                 ?Open gym at Regis HS- No YG (Spring break)

April 5th                      Vocation visit- St. Stephen in Portland

                                    Youth Group/ TOB Priesthood, Consecrated life and celibacy

April 10th                    Stations of the Cross from St. Boniface to ICC

April 12th                    No YG (Easter)

April 14th to 18th       Knights of Columbus Rummage sale/ Steubenville fundraiser

April 19th – 26th         Selling flowers at Masses for Steubenville

April 19th                    Confirmation session

                                    Youth Group- Adoration

April 26th                    Youth Mass at St. Boniface from 6:30pm to 7:30pm (MS and HS)

May 3rd                       NET retreat at ICC from 10am to 8pm

                                    No YG (because of retreat)

May 10th                    No YG (Mother’s Day)

May 16th                    Last Confirmation session and confirmation practice (please note not on Sunday)

                                    11:30 to 4:30pm, 3:30 to 4:30 in the Church with sponsors

                                    Last YG- BBQ and water fight (incoming 9th graders invited)

May 29th                    Possible date for Confirmation Celebration at ICC at 7pm

May 31st                     Appreciation for Youth Ministry helpers at ICC at 1:30pm

Extra service opportunities for Confirmation (1st and 2nd year- need at least 2) will be provided as well