Vacation Bible School

Vacation Bible School


Turn your hot summer days into cool faith-filled experiences with Vacation Bible School (VBS).

Immaculate Conception invites children to participate in fun and faith-filled activities by offering exciting themes each year. 

The theme for 2018 is: VBS will be held July 30-Aug 3, 2018 at the Regis Campus

What happens at VBS?

The program includes:

  • Themes that capture children’s imagination.
  • Creative content for Catholic kids involving Scripture and experience.
  • Crafts and games.
  • Catchy songs and skits that reinforce teachings.
  • Yummy snacks!

Who can attend?

Boys and girls ages 3 (should be 3 by the previous September) through completion of 4th grade —there’s something inspiring for every child at Vacation Bible School. Children must be registered for VBS. Please complete our Registration Form and turn it into the office or email it to  

Can I volunteer to help with Vacation Bible School?

Yes PLEASE! (fill out this form)The program is only as good as all the volunteers that help make it a fun and successful week. All adult VBS volunteers are required to have a current background check and attend Called to Protect training. Please make sure your check and training are current before volunteering for VBS. This is a great opportunity for middle school and high school youth to help out during summer vacation. We are happy to provide proof of community service for those that have those requirements in school programs.

Volunteers Needed!

Adult Volunteers Age 18+ years

  • Must have Called to Protect Training up to date

High School Volunteers

  • Earn up to 20 volunteer hours
  • High School Helpers = entering 9th grade - age 17 years


Group Leaders (Adult or HS)  

  • Lead their assigned group of children from station to station. 
  • Assist children at each station.
  • Keep track of their group’s belongings.
  • Be sure to have the take-home items (Saint Card, Activity Sheets, etc.) for each child in your group.

Picnic Party Coordinator/Team

  • Coordinate Party after Friday’s closing Mass - Mass starts at 11:45 AM August 3rd.
  • Set up food and disposable supplies for a picnic.

Set up/Decorating Team - Before July 30th

  • Assign a group of people to be responsible for decorating your main gathering area(s).
  • Provide your team with the “Fun Decorating Ideas” found in Leader Guide.
  • Decorate the whole facility or only parts of it. The goal in decorating is to portray a Wilderness theme.
  • Assign a person(s) to make banners for VBS groups. In the Main Area, you can hang Group banners around the room. You may choose to attach a group name list and daily schedule to each banner.

Morning Meeting Childcare 8:40 AM - 9:00 AM Daily

  • Supervise children of volunteers during 8:45-9:00 morning meeting, daily.
If you can’t volunteer your time, please consider supporting the VBS program with your tax-deductible donation.

Program Cost per Participant: $35

  • T-shirt $7
  • Craft Supplies $7
  • Snack Supplies $7
  • Program Supplies $14

 Participant Registration Fee: $20 ($60 per family max.) *Scholarships available as needed

Contact Katie Schumacher 971-208-2930 or

Location: Regis Campus
Dates: July 30-August 3, 2018
Time: Morning Meeting 8:45 AM in Student Center to 12:00 PM Pick Up



VBS Student Registration

VBS Volunteer Registration 


VBS Student Registration

VBS Volunteer Registration