Immaculate Conception Catholic Church

Wills & Estates

We are stewards or caretakers of all that God has given us. As Christian stewards, we can use our Will as one means of expressing our grateful recognition of those gifts and the unconditional love God has shown us throughout our lives. A Will is a way to return that love to our family and friends and to the Church that has nurtured us in many ways.

When making a bequest to Immaculate Conception Church or theĀ Archdiocese of Portland, be sure to include the full, legal, Oregon non-profit incorporated name: "Immaculate Conception Church, Stayton, Oregon" or "Archdiocese of Portland in Oregon". Once you have stated the incorporated name, you may state the actual distribution of your charitable bequest to be restricted to your parish, school, Archdiocese, and anything you wish to be designated.

Please contact the Parish Office (503-769-2656) for additional information or attend area Archdiocesan workshops on writing a Will.