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St. Joseph

Celebrate the "Year of St. Joseph" with us at Immaculate Conception

"Now is the time of St. Joseph!"

"Devotion to St. Joseph is one of the choicest graces that God can give to a soul, for it is tantamount to revealing the entire treasury of our Lord’s graces. When God wishes to raise a soul to greater heights, He unites it to St. Joseph by giving it a strong love for the good saint." -St. Peter Julian Eymard

On December 8, 2020, our Holy Father, Pope Francis, declared the year 2021 as the "Year of St. Joseph" to honor the 150th anniversary of the title given to St. Joseph as the Patron of the Universal Church. 

As a parish community, we turn to St. Joseph to guide and protect our Church as he did with the Holy Family. 

To celebrate, Immaculate Conception invites you to participate in our upcoming Consecration to St. Joseph!

What is Consecration to St. Joseph? 

Consecration means that you are asking St. Joseph to be your spiritual father, that you want him to help you to acquire his virtues and become holy. St. Joseph will give those consecrated to him his undivided attention, protection, and guidance.

Consecration to St. Joseph: The Wonders of Our Spiritual Father by Fr. Donald Calloway is a beautiful opportunity to come to know and deepen your devotion to one of the most powerful, holy, and righteous men who ever lived. 

The 33-Day Consecration by Fr. Calloway is for everyone: men, women, youth, and young adults who are seeking a special intercessor to bring them closer to Christ and to fill them with his virtues: humility, courage, obedience, silence, and love for one's family.

For the men of the parish

We will be using Fr. Donald Calloway’s book, Consecration to St. Joseph: The Wonders of Our Spiritual Father, and we will be meeting weekly to discuss the prior week’s reading, meeting first in a larger assembly and then breaking out into small groups to discuss. For those wanting to participate remotely, we will arrange for Zoom meeting groups as well. The men’s meetings will take place Thursday nights beginning February 11 and will be from 7:00-8:00 pm.

First Meeting (Informational): February 11

Second Meeting: February 18

Third Meeting: February 25

Fourth Meeting: March 4

Fifth Meeting: March 11

Sixth Meeting: March 18

For the women of the parish, we can also arrange discussion groups. Please let us know if you are interested in joining a group by filling out the interest form below. 

Books are available for $15.

The consecration will culminate on Friday, March 19, the Solemnity of St. Joseph, with a special consecration Mass.

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