Immaculate Conception Catholic Church

Children's Nursery

Children's Nursery


At Immaculate Conception, we value the importance of focusing on FAMILY & FAITH. We strive to offer opportunities that allow families and children to grow in their faith. The mission of the Nursery is to provide childcare in a safe, loving and Catholic environment for children up to 3 years old while their parents/guardians attend Mass so that they whole family can continue to grow in their faith as members of Immaculate Conception. 
For questions and more information, please reach out to the parish office at [email protected] 

Who do we serve? 
On selected weekends during the 8:00 am Mass, children up to 3 years old are accepted. 

When is Nursery available? 
The Nursery is currently available during the 8:00 am Sunday Mass. Download the most recent schedule here

Where is Nursery located?
The Nursery is located inside the Immaculate Conception Parish Center's St. Joseph Room.