Immaculate Conception Catholic Church

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I arrange for my child's Baptism?

Registered parishioners with infants to be baptized will need to participate in a preparatory session and must contact the parish office three months before they would like their child baptized. Baptisms are scheduled upon the availability of a priest or deacon. More information can be found here. Please call the Parish Office at 503-769-2656.

Adults wishing reception into the church will participate in evening sessions explaining Catholic beliefs and practices. The Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults or RCIA sessions begins each year in September and finish during the Easter season. Baptisms take place at the Easter Vigil Service. Please go to Becoming Catholic for more details.

How do I receive Confirmation?

All high school students registered as Immaculate Conception Church parishioners are eligible to begin the two-year Confirmation program beginning in their freshman year of high school. For more information, contact our youth ministry coordinator by emailing [email protected].

Registered adults who are baptized but not knowledgeable of Catholic beliefs and practices are asked to join the Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults (RCIA) sessions. See Becoming Catholic under Faith Formation for more details. For more detailed information, contact the Parish Office.

How do I get married in the Church?

Congratulations on your engagement! Your first step should be contacting the parish office to get started. They will help with scheduling your wedding and walk you through the required paperwork and marriage preparation options. Please note, we require a time period of at least six months between the initial meeting with the parish staff and the wedding ceremony. This will ensure adequate preparation for this lifetime commitment.

I am not Catholic. How do I join the Catholic Church?

RCIA, or the Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults, is a process that enables those interested in the Catholic Faith to become more knowledgeable of what it means to lead a Catholic life.  It begins with a ten-week inquiry class in September. During this time participants are encouraged to ask any questions that they may have. We also give an overview of the Catholic Church. This beginning period is designed to help participants determine whether they wish to continue the process.  Following the inquiry sessions, those who wish to continue, meet weekly until the period of Lent to learn more about the Catholic way of life. Lent (the six weeks before Easter) is a time of spiritual discernment and prayer culminating in reception into the Church at the Easter Vigil Mass on the Saturday before Easter.  Please contact Trish West at 503-769-2656 more information.

Who do I contact for Sacramental Emergencies?

Call the office at 503-769-2656 and follow the phone instructions. It will direct you to what number or extension line to use.  Because a priest cannot always be available, you are urged to notify the parish whenever anyone is seriously ill.  Every effort will be made to assure that the sacraments are available before the situations become critical.

How do I make Funeral Arrangements?

Please call the parish office at 503-769-2656 to schedule a meeting with Fr. Luan before you make any arrangements with a funeral home so that he can help you set a date for the funeral and plan the funeral liturgy.

How do I make arrangements for Anointing the Sick?

Anointing of the Sick is performed by the priest as the need arises. To make arrangements, call the office or contact the Sacramental Emergency number, 503-769-2656. Let us know when your loved ones are ill or need a little T.L.C. and a visit. Eucharistic Ministers or one of our priests bring communion to the sick and homebound. Contact the parish office at 503-769-2656.

How do I arrange for Communion for the Sick and Homebound?

Let us know when your loved ones are ill or need a little T.L.C. and a visit. Eucharistic Ministers bring communion to the sick and homebound. Contact the parish office at 503-769-2656. 

How do I seek an annulment?

Please contact Father Luan at 503-769-2656 regarding this sensitive request.

How do I have a Mass said for someone? How do I ask to have a prayer said for myself or a loved one?

Immaculate Conception has a prayer chain. Committed members of the parish will pray for you or your loved one. Of course, this will be completely confidential.  If you would like to join the prayer ministry team, please contact the office, 503-769-2656.  This is a precious way to serve our fellow brothers and sisters in their needs, and we need you to help! 

  • An intention book is placed on a stand in the church entry. We are invited to write in it the names of those for whom we wish to pray.
  • Mass can be offered for a special intention on a specific date. A $10 donation is recommended.  
  • Call the parish office and have your name put on the prayer list in the Church Bulletin

How do I register at Immaculate Conception (as a church member)?

It's easy! CLICK HERE FOR A REGISTRATION FORM.   Very Important, please save the completed form on your computer and then email it to [email protected].  Please mail the completed form to the parish office at 540 E Elwood St  Stayton OR 97383, drop it in the collection basket on Sunday, or bring it by the parish office so that we may get to know you better!

How do I change my address?

Please call the parish office directly at 503-769-2656 (or use our CLICK HERE FOR A REGISTRATION FORM.   Very Important, please save the completed form on your computer then email it to [email protected] to notify us of changes in your address and/or telephone number(s) OR when moving or leaving the parish so that the parish records remain current.

How do I make a donation?

Please visit or click the button below.