Immaculate Conception Catholic Church

COVID-19 Update


Dear Immaculate Conception Parish Family, 

The Lord is Risen! He is Risen indeed!

It is with abundant joy that all of us here at Immaculate Conception share that effective and beginning with our Saturday Vigil Mass at 5:00 pm on Saturday, May 9, we will begin the process of a limited re-opening of public Masses. The following process is for our English-speaking Masses only. Our process for Spanish-speaking Masses will be made available as soon as possible. 


Please carefully read the following points:

  • The obligation to attend Mass on Sundays and Holy Days of Obligation will continue to be dispensed. 
  • In accordance with Governor Brown’s executive orders, the number of people at a Mass cannot exceed 25. Consequently, in order to participate in these Masses, you need to sign up in advance. Every single member of your family needs to be registered in order to be able to attend. This includes children! 
  • Appropriate social distancing and adequate cleaning of the church after each use must be maintained.
  • Those who attend Mass do so at their own risk. Vulnerable, at-risk, and otherwise concerned persons should remain home. Anyone with the slightest symptoms or feelings of sickness must remain home.
  • For those who do not feel safe about coming to Mass during these times, we will continue to live stream the following Masses: Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday at 8:15 am and Sundays at 8:00 am, 10:00 am, and 12:00 pm.  You can watch those Masses both on our Facebook page
  • You must Sign up. You can’t show up. You must sign up for Mass in order to attend. You are asked to sign up at only one parish. No one who simply shows up for a Mass can be allowed entrance. NO Exceptions. 

How is the sign-up going to work?

For those interested in coming to Mass at Immaculate Conception, our parish will use a combination of an online and written sign-up method. We understand not everyone will have access to computers, and we want you to know that we hear you and we see you. We also realize this system is not perfect, but we are trying the best we can

Signing up for the Mass: 

  • You must read and agree to the terms stated in our detailed plan for limited re-opening prior to signing up for Mass.
  • The parish will be using a system called Eventbrite for our online registration. We ask that you visit to sign-up for Masses. When prompted, you will need to provide contact information. If you do not get along with computers, give us a phone call (503.769.2656) during office hours (M-F 8:00 am- 4:00 pm), and someone on staff will be available to help input your information for the Mass sign-up and/or our parish Mass sign-up waitlist. We do not want technology to be an obstacle for your access to the sacrament of the Eucharist. 
  • Our written sign-up method will be used for our Monday and Saturday morning Daily Masses. If you wish to sign-up for Monday morning Mass, the sign-up sheet will be available on Sunday. If you wish to sign-up for Saturday morning Mass, the sign-up sheet will be available on Friday.
  • Any open slots for the upcoming Mass will be filled via written sign-up in the vestibule. The sign-up sheet will be printed and will be made available prior to the start of Eucharistic Adoration. 
  • Whether you sign up through the website, on paper, or by phone, it is important that you understand and agree to Mass procedures, so that we can maintain a safe number of people and safe distancing at each Mass. Again, you must sign up and receive confirmation in order to attend. You can’t show up. 

Other parishes will also be doing some type of sign-up system. We do ask you not to sign up for Mass in two different parishes to allow the maximum number of families to attend the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass.

Ramon Camacho will be overseeing the sign-up process. If you have any questions, please email him at [email protected] or call him 503.769.2656; however, as always, any of your parish staff is available to help you and you email any of us by visiting

We look forward to celebrating Mass together again!