Immaculate Conception Catholic Church

COVID-19 Update


What You Need To Know When Attending Mass This Weekend
Dear Immaculate Conception Parish Family,

Praised be Jesus Christ!

It is with abundant joy that we announce Governor Kate Brown has approved Marion County to enter phase two reopening beginning tomorrow, Friday, June 19.

We are now able to allow more members of our parish family to come to Masses beginning this weekend! You can find the full plan on our parish's plan for limited reopening below. 

In this first week of phase two, we ask for your patience as there will be some new procedures implemented for the safety of all.


Here are some key highlights: 

  • Anyone attending Mass does so at their own risk. Vulnerable, at-risk, and otherwise concerned persons should remain home.
  • Face masks are required when you are on our parish campus.
  • We are currently opening our online seat reservations for up to 120 people at each Mass. Our team of ushers will assist families, groups, and individuals with seating. Please wait until an usher has seated you before entering the nave of the church. 
  • You must have a face mask on if you would like to participate in congregational singing. 
  • Beginning this weekend, you will be allowed to sign-up for Masses every weekend. You are no longer required to wait a week to come to Mass. 
  • You will still be required to sign-up for Mass either in person or online. Per Archdiocesan policy, a database or list of those who wish to attend Mass should be kept, which means you are strongly encouraged to sign-up online before coming to the parish so our team of volunteers knows the number of individuals to expect. 
  • Please arrive early for Mass. We need time to get people in the Church while honoring the physical distancing rules recommended and encouraged by public officials and the CDC. Ultimately, we would like to have everyone seated 5 minutes before Mass starts. Thank you so much for your continued adaptability and cooperation!
  • We will no longer use the parish center as a satellite location. 
  • We will continue to live stream Sunday Mass at 8:00 am until further notice. 
  • Please sanitize your pew before using it. 
  • Please do not congregate outside, but head directly to your vehicle to allow the next Mass to start on time!

You are reminded that the obligation to attend Sunday Mass remains dispensed if you are still uncomfortable with large gatherings.

During this ever-evolving period, we are so grateful for your continued patience, adaptability, cooperation, and kindness as we continue to be responsive to new information as quickly as possible. 

If you have any questions, please feel to contact Janell Dickey or Ramon Camacho at the parish office at 503.769.2656.