Immaculate Conception Catholic Church

Altar Society

Our parish is divided into circles, with each family assigned to one. These five circles make up the Altar Society. The purpose of the Altar Society is to participate in the upkeep of the sanctuary and the interior of the church. Each month on a rotating basis one circle is in charge of cleaning the church. Twice a year—Easter and Christmas—all parishioners are asked to help with a general church cleaning.

Besides the physical upkeep, the members of circles assist in food preparation for funerals.

A yearly donation of $10 is requested of each family to help defray the cost of candles, altar breads, altar cloths and other items that occasionally need to be purchased.

Circle #1 Our Lady of Fatima Janell Dickey
Circle #2 Our Lady of Perpetual Help Mary Scott
Circle #3 Our Lady of Lourdes Terry Brand
Circle #4 Our Lady of Hope Karen Odenthal
Circle #5 Our Lady of Mercy  Pat Dickey


Call the church office with your current phone numbers so you too, can be member of a circle!