Children's Religious Education

Children's Religious Education

Religious Ed

The home is the first place where Religious Education occurs. Religious Education, at the instructional level from grades 1 thru 8 builds on what the home has begun. It is to assist parents in the faith formation of their children.

Religious Education is sharing our faith with young people. Yes, there is teaching involved and there is a curriculum that needs to be covered from year to year. But more important, it is our sharing how we have followed Jesus and Gospel values, and what they have meant to us.

Classes begin in September and end in May. Classes are held each Wednesday from 6:30 PM to 8:15 PM at St. Boniface in Sublimity. Schedules are closely aligned with school schedules so that conference time and holiday time are the same as the school schedule.  For more information, please contact the parish office.  503-769-2656

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